Tehran (IP) - In an exclusive interview with Iran Press, the Indian ambassador to Tehran stressed Iran and India always have to tighten together to boost their cultural relations as well as political and economic ties by trying to solve problems created by the sanctions.

Iran PressIran news: On the sidelines of the exhibition titled "India in Golestan Palace", Rudra Gaurav Shresth in his remarks talking to Iran Press highlighted that India is very interested in using friendly Iranian territories as a route to the wider Eurasian region.

According to official announcements, India plans to expand its investment in Chabahar port.

On March 4, 2024, the grand exhibition "India in Golestan Palace" mesmerized visitors with a stunning display of India's exquisite artifacts. Over 100 meticulously selected pieces, including dishes, were carefully curated for this prestigious event.

In this event, Rudra Gaurav Shresth underscored the longstanding friendship between Iran and India, dating back to ancient times. He pointed out that archaeological findings from both nations attest to a deep-rooted connection between their peoples. 219

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