Lebanon's Hezbollah, in continuation of its attacks on the positions of the Zionist regime, carried out five attacks against the army bases of this regime today, Wednesday.

Iran Press/ West Asia:  According to Arab media, Lebanon's Hezbollah announced in a statement that, in support of the Palestinian nation in Gaza, it targeted the military bases of the Zionist enemy in the area of Shtola with rocket attacks at around 10:00 am.

Lebanon's Hezbollah announced another statement about the target of the Zionist occupation regime's military base in Roysat al-Alam base.

The Israeli regime's espionage equipment in Miskaf-Am base was also attacked by the Lebanese Hezbollah.

It is stated that several Zionist soldiers were killed or wounded in this attack.

The media of the Zionist occupation regime reported that 2 Zionists were wounded and another person was killed in this Hezbollah rocket attack.

Lebanon's Hezbollah previously targeted the occupied territories with more than 30 missiles in the upper Galilee region.

In the past few months, following the terrible crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip and the genocide of Palestinians in this region, Lebanon's Hezbollah has targeted the regime's military positions in the north of the occupied territories. An issue that has caused great fear for the Zionists living in these areas. 219