Member of Hezbollah’s political bureau, Hassan Hoballah has warned the Israeli regime that the resistance movement will defend and retaliate against any military aggression on Lebanon.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Hezbollah official, Hassan Hoballah's remarks came hours after the Israeli army launched military actions along Lebanon’s border under the pretext of “cutting off” what it claims Hezbollahs' tunnels near the occupied territories.

“The days when Israel could simply attack Lebanon are over, even though the initiative to attack is in Israel’s hands,” Hassan Hoballah, said on Tuesday, according to Press TV.

Elsewhere in his comments, Hoballah stressed that Hezbollah fighters are capable of blocking any Israeli assault and launching counter-attacks on the enemy. The resistance forces, he added, are on “a constant state of alert and surveillance, and are assessing the situation.”

The official also noted that Hezbollah’s course of action will depend on developments in the field.

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Israeli Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Gadi Eizenkot, claimed that the so-called Operation Northern Shield had been launched before the tunnels were operational and “became an immediate and direct threat to northern communities and army bases.”

Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Tuesday called on military to closely monitor the country’s south

Separately on Tuesday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun called on Lebanon’s military and security agencies to “closely monitor” the situation in the country’s south.

Lebanon’s official National News Agency (NNA) reported that Aoun had held several phone calls with government officials and the army commander regarding the new Israeli operation.

“During President Aoun’s phone calls, the situation was evaluated in light of the available information about the objectives of the Israeli operation and security agencies were asked to closely monitor the situation,” the report said.

Additionally, the Lebanese army command said that it is watching the situation closely, reiterating its readiness to confront any emergency situation. “The situation is under close follow-up,” read an army communiqué.

Hezbollah warned Israel not to attack Lebanon in a graphic video issued on Friday, appearing to show several Israeli targets ready to be struck by the Lebanese group.

The video shows Hezbollah fighters aiming at Israeli targets and its leaders Hassan Nasrallah saying any attack on Lebanon would be responded to. 101/205

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Hezbollah strong warning to Israel for any act of aggression
Hezbollah strong warning to Israel for any act of aggression