Biggest missile attack since October 7th;

Lebanese Hezbollah forces fired more than 150 rockets from southern Lebanon to the cities of Safed, Tiberias, Haifa, and their suburbs within a few minutes.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Confirming the firing of at least 100 rockets from southern Lebanon towards northern occupied Palestine, the Zionist Army Radio announced that Hezbollah specifically targeted Safed and Tiberias in this attack.

Other Israeli media also announced that there have been no reports of casualties or possible damages yet. However, there are reports of one of these rockets hitting a factory in the Zionist settlement of Sa'aa in Al-Jalil and a fire at the Hanina intersection in the south of Safed.

The media of the Zionist regime also announced that since 2006, this is the first time that Hezbollah rockets have hit the Tiberias area in the occupied territories.

Moments after the publication of this news, the spokesperson of the Zionist regime announced that after the warnings that were activated "moments ago" in the north of occupied Palestine, the firing of about 90 rockets was observed from Lebanon. Some of the rockets were intercepted, but others hit several areas in the north. What caused the fire in these areas and all the details are under investigation.

Moments after Lebanon's Hezbollah attacked the Galilee region, Israeli artillery also targeted border towns and villages in southern Lebanon.

After that, a new round of rocket attacks by Lebanon's Hezbollah began, and this time at least 10 rockets were fired at the occupied Syrian Golan. Some sources also reported that explosions were heard in Acre and Hekriot in the occupied territories.

The Zionist army confirmed the firing of more than 100 rockets towards the occupied territories in several stages towards Safed, Tiberias, Al-Jalil, and the north of Jordan's Ghor region. 204