Khuzestan (IP) -The relief operations are still in process to reach out to the people whose lives have been affected in the flood-hit province of Khuzestan.

Iran Press/Iran news: As the flood continues to inundate in the Southwestern province of Khuzestan, due to an increase of the water output in the dams, the relief operations are still underway.

As a matter of fact, the heavy raining has ended with high levels of water gathered behind dams so that the dams of Dez and Karkheh have been almost filled with water and it has been arranged to open them so that there will be no possible flood in the South Western province of Khuzestan, Iran Press reported.

Since the levels of water in Dez and Karun rivers have dramatically risen, the relief operations for flood victims in the cities of Ahwaz, Khorramshahr, and Shushtar have begun.

Some10 villages have been evacuated and the people have been settled in rather safe areas.

Furthermore, the people of Khuzestan were able to construct flood gates by the help of the aid workers so that they could prevent water converging to the farmlands and the residential areas.105/203


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