The Islamic Republic of Iran has been ranked first in the region and 11th in the world in the field of space science and technology.

Iran Press/Iran news: The head of the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) Morteza Barari said that thanks to the efforts of our country's researchers and scientists, we have moved up three places during a year, and we are now ranked first in the region, and 11th in the world in the field of space science and technology.

Speaking on the sideline of  National Conference on Space Technology in University of Science and Technology of Iran, Barari added: "At this time, 30 training and research centres throughout the country are training specialists in the field of space science", according to an Iran Press report.

"Meeting the country's needs for development of aerospace  applications and the development of space industry is one of the most important concerns of this conference."

In further remarks, Barari said: "In the field of design and manufacture of satellites, launcher rockets, satellite control and management centre as well as manufacturing satellite stations and processing satellite data Iran is a leading nation. We are capable of receiving satellite data online.

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The head of Iran's Space Agency added:  "Our priority is space business development and space employment and we released the satellite data that we had received and stored for 40 years to provide an opportunity for young people's business in satellite data."


The Minister of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi who also attended the conference said: "Nowadays, the space industry has many uses and applications, and we have to make the achievements of this industry tangible in our daily lives. Today, on the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution, the space industry is demonstrating its achievement in agriculture, environmental protection, and water resource management." 208/ 211 /104

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