Kabul (IP) - The young Afghan cultural and scientific figures stressed Imam Khomeini's teachings as the role model of the Islamic world, especially courage and anti-arrogance spirit.

Iran PressAsia: The Afghan young elites who gathered on Sunday in a ceremony to commemorate the 34th demise anniversary of Imam Khomeini described his thoughts as a roadmap for the world's Muslims and freedom-seekers. 

A women's rights young activist Atefeh Hosseini pointed to the status of women in Imam Khomeini's thoughts and said that Imam rejected the improper attitudes about women's status and put emphasis on Islam's view about women.  

Imam Khomeini rejected the Western exploitation of women as commodities and opposed the idea that women are pure submissives, she noted. 

Imam Khomeini recognized women as effective members of society and declared women as divine gifts who are of a sublime status in society, Hosseini added.

The woman Afghan activist pointed out that the founder of the Islamic Republic encouraged women to learn science and considered it their duty.

The Secretary of Imamiyeh Supreme Council in Kabul Hojatoleslam Javad Shams highlighted courage and risk-taking his Imam Khomeini's brilliant characteristics, noting that today, Muslims and freedom seekers of the world are indebted to Imam Khomeini's sacrifice and courage. 

The Afghan cleric recalled responsibility-taking as another feature of Imam Khomeini and said that the late Founder of the Islamic Republic was responsible for Islam, Quran, and humanity like the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Imam Ali (AS). 

Imam Khomeini taught self-sufficiency and resistance, Shams added and said that the Islamic Republic is going on benefiting from the toe features and the wise leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei.

Still, Abouzar Hassani a young man cultural activist considered worldwide thinking as one of Imam Khomeini's characteristics; He said Imam Khomeini stressed justice and equality in the world and advised the world's Muslims to fight oppression and global arrogance.

A seminary and professor of Kabul University Abdolreza Soroush referred to theism and knowledge-learning as Imam Khomeini's characteristics and said that the Muslims of the world can learn lessons from Imam Khomeini's political and economic life.

Still, another professor of Kabul University Abdolhamid Razavi said the formation of the Islamic Revolution led by Imam Khomeini to make change in the Islamic world was a basic necessity. 

Imam Khomeini followed the path of the holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, (PBUH), and turned into an influential figure for the world of humanity.


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