Rome (IP) - Italian Film Producer most famous for the visual effects in film/game production really likes living in Iran as he worked 5 years in Tehran having the opportunity to see the real Iranian life style and welfare omitted by the western media.

Iran PressEurope: Diego Vida, known for his visual effects work in Hollywood movies such as Mission: Impossible, Fast & Furious, GIJOE and Need for Speed, says he has been living in Iran for a while (following Turkish animation production made in Iran after that relocated in Kish island) and despite the image and perception that the Western media is presenting, Iran is a pleasant country and Iranians are compassionate and modern people moreover he says Iran is a modern country for a modern investor.

Vida, a former professional Tennis player talks about the Iranian Tennis tournaments and said that Iran is famous for its Volleyball players and the Wrestling athletes since the ancient Iranian fighter - wrestlers named Varzesh e Pahlevani.

Diego Vida being Christian Catholic confirms Iran as the best respectful country towards the other religions, Iranians are Muslims and there are also Christians, Jewish, Zorostrians people, he mostly says: "I go to church every week in Tehran. Contrary to what Western media writes and depicts, there are no restrictions and problems against religious minorities in this country."

Vida says Iranian capital of Tehran is a safe and vibrant place and people enjoy the green parks as Iran is a cleaned country, families make pic nic, citizens go for shopping around the city indeed there are many shops including big shopping center, bigger than Western malls, then it is possible smell a great level of life on every street: "Iranians are decent and civilized (not poor as Western media falkely spread in their Zionists news). 

The staff at Tehran Airport are more helpful and polite than staff at Western airports. Iranians are among the most beautiful people in the world.

Tehran metro is beautiful, cleaned and modern despect the Western metro which are dirty, ugly and dangerous cause the illegal immigrants - African criminals committing crimes like rape, armed robbery, homicide, and fight towards the Italian citizens.

While in Iran in the metro, bus and train it is possible to see a nice scene like an elderly, woman or child in the busy subway, many people offer their seats in respect. 

This is a rare phenomenon in West!" (Vida shares this detail cause Western media and Amnesty International over and over talk bad about Iran with the excuse of Human Rights but strangely they never talk bad about the lack of Human Rights in West).

In Iran, there are Muslims, Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians living in sympathy with each other, so the fake stories about the oppressed minorities are lies made up by the corrupt international media and the UN human rights organizations.

Before they marry, citizens in Iran are required by the Iranian government to get medical tests, something that in the West for the sake of democracy they don’t require, because the corrupt governments enjoy making everybody get sick since this is business for the pharmaceutical companies. 

It is not wise to believe in the satellite television channels, because they broadcast Zionist imperialistic propaganda since they are trying to destabilize the Iranian nation. Strangely they don’t say good things about Iran like banks give 20 percent interest while in the West, we don’t get any interest from our banks; we just pay them. Often in Iran, it is possible to find a deal for renting a home giving a deposit to the landlord that he can invest in a bank earning money through interest. At the end of the contract, the landlord will give back the deposit money to his tenant. So the tenant doesn’t actually pay rent for the house, however, in the West it isn’t possible to do such thing.

Iran is a beautiful land for travelling full of history, and opportunity to make a business with a low taxation comparing the western countries with a higher taxation.

In the beginning Diego Vida opened a company on Kish Island because it is a free zone offering 15 years of exemption from taxation. Additionally for foreigners, it was pretty easy to get an entry visa and the place was reachable by air from Dubai airport, too, later it was easy even entering from Tehran arriving by Rome using Alitalia flight, and after that he moved to Tehran extending his business providing several services such as Italian products, including food, business in the Iranian market, tour and travel, event organization, translation, legal assistance, and video production. 

He provided visual effects services, as the Iranian talents work well indeed.

Iranian film producers do a lot with visual effects and CG in live action movies; the realism is amazing, and there are good artists in special effects. VFX (visual effects) are in computer graphics while the SFX (special effects) are in live, like an explosion, scenography, costumes, masks, weapons, and animatronics: the robots controlled by remote RC by a techno director in the same way that they use drones for video in the air and on the ground. Actually many TV studios are replacing cameraman by using ground drones controlled by a techno director in front of a workstation. 

Iranian visual effects franchise is certainly the next frontier for getting successful, high quality film productions. I’m really well satisfied working with Iranian products.

 Vida continued by mentioning that all Hollywood is in hands of the Jewish families, is that a coincidence? Universal, Dimension, Paramount, Miramax (Bob Weinstein), Touchstone Pictures (Ron Howard), Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Sony America, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, DreamWorks (Steven Spielberg), Columbia and there are so many more.

Their movies deliver a lot of propaganda but at the same time they shape public opinion about any upcoming war, for example in the movie named “No Escape” (1994). The war between Libya and America started in 2011. So how come Columbia-Sony know 17 years beforehand about the war in Libya and the fallen republic? 

In the movie named “Armageddon” (1998) in the beginning scene asteroids strike New York just a taxi driver says “Saddam is attacking us”, so how come 3 years before the 11 September and 5 years before the second war in Iraq, Touchstone Pictures production knew everything? Touchstone Picture made “The Da Vinci Code” against the Vatican. In “Rules of Engagement” (1999), the story begins with the war in Yemen, so how come Paramount knew 5 years before the start of the Yemen war? 

 Italian film producer Diego Vida in his interview concluded that living in Iran and invsting in Iran in the field of cinema is among his favorites and this is a good chance to have the benefit out of it.