Iran (IP) - After the due legal process passed, one of the main elements of the Takfiri al-Nusrah Front terrorist group was executed in Iran.

Iran PressIran News: In November 2015, two terrorists opened fire on a police station in Ahvaz and killed 2 police members.

The murderer was a man identified as Jassim al-Heydari, the main member of the US-backed terrorist group, who was arrested then.

Investigations showed that Jassim Heydari used to receive money and make clips out of his armed attacks, provided them to Saudi networks for broadcasting.

The investigations also revealed that the terrorist had taken part in different operations against the Syrian government and nation, and had gone to Holland, Turkey, Greece, and Austria to cooperate with other terrorist groups. 

Jassim Heydari received monthly payments from Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.

After the hearings, the court issued a verdict on Jassim al-Heydari's terrorist acts and sentenced him to death.

Upon the defendant's appeal, the case was submitted to the Supreme Court for review, which finally, after conducting the necessary investigations, the investigating branch of the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the court of the first instance.


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