Tehran (IP)- The chairman of the Assembly of Experts said that the future belongs to Iran and the US was falling.

Iran Press/Iran News: Referring to the martyrdom of the late Quds Force Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said: "May God curse Trump and those Americans who martyred Lt. Gen. Soleimani."  

He hoped to take revenge on Lt. Gen. Soleimani as soon as possible.

Speaking on Monday at the eighth official meeting of the fifth round of Iran's Assembly of Experts, Ayatollah Jannati added: "Iran's response to this crime in attacking Ain al-Assad Airbase was very successful, and the Americans weren't able to respond; this shows our strength."

"The enemy is weaker than what we think," he stressed.

He added that former US President Donald Trump violated the US' law and security and did not adhere to anything.

Referring to the situation in the US, Ayatollah Jannati stated: "They are in a civil war. Trump also tarnished America's reputation with those words."

"The future is ours, and the US is falling," the chairman of the Assembly of  Experts stressed.

He also touched upon Iran's upcoming Presidential Election, saying: "According to the constitution, the president must be with faith and piety, and the people must elect the most pious person."

Ayatollah Jannati also thanked the efforts made by the Judiciary Chief, Ebrahim Raisi, in the fight against corruption, underscoring: "This loving and divine man has worked hard in the fight against corruption, and everyone should help him on this path."

The eighth official meeting of the fifth round of Iran's Assembly of Experts was held on Monday in Tehran.


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