Health services were provided to people in low-income and rural areas of Jask port on the sidelines of the 'Eqtedar 99' drills.

Iran Press/Iran News: On the sidelines of the 'Eqtedar 99' drills, the Army's 572 Hospital in the Southeast region provided medical services to the people of the rural areas of Jask port by setting up a well-equipped field hospital. 

According to Iran Press News Agency, as another "Pious Help" of the Army ground forces, they provided medical services to the people of the southeastern region by setting up a field hospital in the suburbs of Jask city and southeast of the country in Makran coastal strip. 

This field hospital has different sections including emergency, internal, infectious, operating room, recovery, and pharmacy, which provides medical services and dozens of free surgeries to the people of the region, as well as distributing health packages among people to deal with the spread of coronavirus. 

Checking and testing of people in these areas to prevent the spread of Coronavirus was another measure taken by the hospital's health staff during the drills. Accordingly, the commanders and officials of the ‘Eqtedar 99’ drills, by going to the low-income areas and villages, distributed livelihood packages among the people and families. 

The people of the low-income areas of the southeast region appreciated the army ground forces’ help.


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