IP- Long-range missiles from Iran splashed down dangerously close to a commercial ship in the Indian Ocean and 100 miles from the Nimitz aircraft carrier strike group,

Iran PressAmerica: US officials said on Saturday that at least one of the missiles landed 20 miles from the commercial vessel but refused to offer more specifics about the ship, citing privacy concerns, Fox News 

The officials requested anonymity to discuss sensitive intelligence. 

Just as concerning to US Navy officials, the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier strike group was also in the vicinity -- about 100 miles away -- from where at least two Iranian ballistic missiles exploded on impact when they hit the ocean, sending shards of debris in all directions.

In this regard, the final stage of the Great Prophet-15 (PBUH) drills of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps was carried out today by successfully firing long-range ballistic missiles at enemy ships and destroying targets from a distance of 1800 km.

The second and final phase of the Great Prophet-15 (PBUH) drills of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, which has been held in the general area of the Central Desert of Iran since yesterday, was carried out this Saturday morning with strategic long-range ballistic missiles.

The exercise of the Great Prophet-15 (PBUH) drills of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps is one of the annual exercises. The first phase of this exercise was carried out yesterday with a combined missile and UAV operation and an attack on the enemy's defense elements.


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