In the latest indication of the US Republicans acknowledging Joe Biden as the President-elect, two Republican moderates, Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, said Biden should be receiving intelligence briefings.

Iran Press/America: The comments from the two moderates come as a growing number of GOP senators have said that Biden should have access to classified briefings.

"That seems like it is standard practice. It seems to me you would want to continue or you would want to commence the standard practice," Murkowski told CNN Thursday.

It's the latest indication Republicans acknowledge the President-elect is likely on his way to the White House despite President Trump's refusal to accept the results.

"President-elect Biden should be receiving intelligence briefings right now," said Collins, who serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

"That is really important. It is probably the most important part of the transition. In addition… he should have access to office space, federal employees, materials, supplies whatever the standard assistance the apparent winner receives. And, that doesn’t in any way preclude President Trump from pursuing his legal remedies if he believes there are irregularities, but it should not delay the transition because we want the President-elect, assuming he prevails, to be ready on day one," she added.