The latest RealClearPolitics (RCP) poll average for the US 2020 general election shows that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, with 51.1%, is still ahead of incumbent President Donald Trump, with 43.7%, leading by a 7.4% spread as Election Day nears. 

Iran PressAmerica: According to the 2020 Electoral College map of the RCP, Joe Biden has 216 votes, Donald Trump has 125, and 197 are for toss-up states.

The Democratic nominee is leading President Trump by 7.4 points nationally, doubling his advantage over the same poll from last month as Election Day nears.

Meanwhile, the gap between Democrats' and Republicans' approval of the president's job performance has never been higher, according to a new Gallup poll.

In the survey released Thursday, just 3 percent of Democrats but a whopping 95 percent of Republicans approve of the job President Trump has done so far, The Hill reported.

That 92-point gap is larger than any other president has seen in the history of Gallup's polling, including 6-points higher than the divide in the last Gallup survey released before the 2012 election, when 6 percent of Republicans and 92 percent of Democrats supported then-President Obama's job performance. Obama would go on to win reelection days later by just under 5 million votes, winning the Electoral College by more than 100.

Tens of millions of people have already voted and fewer than one in three say they intend to vote on Election Day.

Americans will vote on Tuesday, November 3, in order to elect their next president, either giving Trump another four years or handing over the keys to the White House to Biden.


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