The US State Department on Thursday warned of sanctions against Turkey as Ankara tested the S-400 missile defense system.

Iran Press/America: Morgan Ortagus US State Department spokeswoman said in a statement: "Washington strongly condemns Turkey's move if Ankara's test of Russian S-400 missile defense system is approved."

A rocket was fired from the coastal city of Sinop into the sky, where the S-400 system was expected to be tested by Turkey, Western media reported Friday.

Ankara has previously announced plans to hold a military drill in the region from October 13th to 17th.

In recent months, tensions between the United States and Turkey over the purchase of the S-400 system have risen.

Delivery of Russian S-400 systems to Turkey began in July 2019, and the deployment of the missile system is reportedly underway.

The United States has repeatedly warned Turkey that it could face sanctions from Washington if it receives S-400 systems from Russia.

Turkey, however, has so far refused to give in to US pressure and has insisted that it will not back down from any deal to receive Russian S-400 systems.

Ankara has insisted on continuing military cooperation with Russia, despite US opposition.


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