Tehran (IP)- Iran's President said that recently, the Ministry of Intelligence provided me with two reports from American institutes that show that Americans are angry that normal life and business are ongoing during the coronavirus time.

Iran PressIran News: Hassan Rouhani noted: "The US institutes have said that the US exerted a lot of pressure on Iran to make an uprising because of the pressure during the Corona period, but it did not happen and the countries in the region all look at Iran for how well it has managed the Corona."

Referring to the reopening of schools, Rouhani said this morning at a meeting of the National Task Force for Combating Corona: "All our efforts are to deal with the Corona while maintaining the rest of the activities needed for people's lives and their future by observing health protocols."

He added that all countries in the region look at Iran and see that Iran has dealt with Corona in the best possible way, which shows that the enemies are upset by this situation. 

"At the beginning of the crisis in European and American countries, you saw what happened," he said. “It is unprecedented, but fortunately you did not see a difference between Iran and non-Iranians in the hospital."

President Rouhani stated that in Iran, we did not differentiate between old and young, and Iranians and non-Iranians. In Europe and the United States, people were discriminated because of being black, but in Iran, we did not discriminate between ethnicities and religions.

Referring to the sanctions situation in the country, Rouhani said, "We had another story and maybe no country had it. We were a country under sanctions. In the context of the Corona crisis, they did not say that bank exchanges were free to buy medicine. Our request for a $ 5 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund was approved by everyone, but the United States will not allow us to borrow $ 5 billion to buy medicine and food.”

"The White House does not know what humanity is," he said. "Our money is in other countries' banks, and they are not letting us use it to meet our needs. They say the Americans are blocking the exchange of money,” according to Rouhani.

"There is no history of such a crime that a country can not use its own money to provide food, medicine, and the needs of the people. It is unacceptable to them how the country is managed in Corona situation,” Rouhani added.


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