Tehran (IP) - Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman said that sympathizing on behalf of those countries which are considered as Lebanon's enemies over the Beirut explosion is considered as diplomatic hypocrisy and a fraudulent act.

Iran Press/Iran news: Addressing the reporters in Urmia on Wednesday, Northwestern Iran, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi expressed his condolences to the Lebanese nation and government on Thursday, noting that some countries have tried to take advantage of the Beirut incident in this critical situation.

He added that the ones who have sanctioned the Lebanese government and people and put them under pressure are the ones who took the opportunity and hypocritically began to sympathize with them.

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman added: "Of course, the Lebanese people and the free nations of the world will recognize this hypocritical act and expression of opportunistic sympathy."

Stressing that Iran is ready to reconstruct the port of Beirut, the Mousavi said: "Iran's president has also issued the necessary orders to all organizations to provide medical and humanitarian aid for the Lebanese government and people.


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