Tehran (IP) - Iran's President said that the government and people of Iran will stand by the Lebanese people as always, and the Iranian government is ready to meet any Lebanese relief, medical, and food needs, stressing the Lebanese will overcome the difficulties with patience and solidarity.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday in a telephone conversation with Lebanese President Michel Aoun, while expressing sympathy on behalf of the Iranian government and people with the Lebanese government and people, said: "The explosion at Beirut Port was also very sad and sorrowful for Iranians and they share the pain of the Lebanese people."

Rouhani added: "The Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Health of Iran, as well as the head of the Red Crescent Society, have been obliged to be in constant contact with their Lebanese counterparts so that we can respond to any need and help the Lebanese people and government quickly."

In this conversation, Iran's president said: "Whatever you need, the Iranian nation and government are by your side and will not hesitate to cooperate with the Lebanese people."

Lebanese President Michel Aoun also appreciated the Iranian government and people's help, saying: "The Lebanese people have always appreciated the attention and love of the Iranian people and government toward themselves."

Aoun added: "Naturally, it takes time to investigate all aspects of this incident and clear the damages inflicted along with receiving the assistance needed, but the history of relations and friendship between the two nations of Iran and Lebanon proves that whenever the Lebanese government and people need help, the Iranian nation and government have spared no effort and we are deeply grateful for the fraternal and friendly feelings of the Iranians towards us."


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