US repeats anti-Iran claims

The US State Department has accused Iran of supporting terrorism over the Islamic Republic's extending its assistance to anti-Israel resistance movments in Lebanon and Palestine.

Iran Press/ America: In its new Country Report on Terrorism 2018 released on Friday, the US State Department claimed that Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Sudan are "state sponsors of terrorism".

The US government annually issues reports including on terrorism, human rights, and human trafficking and in many of them repeats claims against Iran.

The majority of these reports unveil the US double standards in defining terrorism and neglect Iran's contribution to the fight against terrorist groups of Taleban, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

Iran's advisory assistance helped Iraqi and Syrian governments to curb the menace of Daesh (ISIL) terrorists who were supported by the US and its allies to shift regional equations to the Zionist Regime's favor.

The State Department which has been weakened during Donald Trump's presidency kept mum over the US government's support to Mojahedin Khalgh Organization (MKO) terrorist cult and Saudi-sponsored Wahabi extremism and its links with Al-Qaeda and ISIL terrorists.


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