Sixteen people died and two were seriously injured in an attack on a mosque in Burkina Faso’s volatile north, security sources said on Saturday.

Iran Press/Africa:  Armed men attacked the Grand Mosque in Salmossi on Friday evening, a source told AFP, adding that 13 died on the spot and three succumbed to their injuries later.

Two of the wounded are said to be in a critical condition, the source added.

A resident from the nearby town of Gorom-Gorom confirmed the attack, saying Salmossi residents had fled their homes afterward.

Until 2015, landlocked Burkina Faso was largely spared the violence that hit Mali and then Niger, its neighbours to the north.

But terrorists — some linked to Al-Qaeda, others to the so-called ISIS group — started infiltrating the north, then the east, and then endangered its southern and western borders.

Combining guerrilla hit-and-run tactics with road mines and suicide bombings, the insurgents have killed nearly 600 people, according to a toll compiled by AFP. Civil society groups put the tally at more than 1,000.

Around 300,000 people have fled their homes and almost 3,000 schools have closed. The impact on an overwhelmingly rural economy is huge, disrupting trade and markets.


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