The government spokesman said the attack on an Iranian oil tanker in the Red Sea is an evil act that seems to have been carried out by suspicious perpetrators who are making every effort to raise regional tensions.

Iran Press/Iran News: The Iranian government Spokesman, Ali Rabie, in a note published in Iranian media stated that at a time when our region needs peace and tranquillity to heal wounds of long conflicts, there are individuals, groups and governments whose survival depends on aggression against others, profiting from warmongering and not tolerating the smallest hopes of reconciliation and peace.

"They do not miss any opportunity to raise tensions. The latest of these evil acts was the attack on an Iranian oil tanker in the Red Sea, and it seems the suspicious people behind the attack want to stoke regional tensions," he added according to Iran Press.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is carefully examining the attack and reviewing what has happened, the Spokesman said adding that "Clearly, an appropriate response will be given to the perpetrators of this cowardly attack. However, Iran will wait until all the facts have been established."

"The question is whether those who, without any credible evidence, hastily accused Iran of disrupting free shipping in the Persian Gulf and attacking Aramco facilities are now ready to defend once again the principles of freedom of navigation in international waters and forthrightly condemn the Red Sea attack on the oil tanker?" Rabie noted.

According to the National Iranian Oil Company Public Relations and International Affairs Department, the Iranian oil tanker SABITY owned by NITC, was hit on Friday morning in two separate explosions, possibly in the 60 miles off the Saudi Arabian port of Jeddah at 5:00 am and 5:20 am.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi condemned the rocket attack, saying that: “Those behind the attack are responsible for the consequences of this dangerous adventure, including the dangerous environmental pollution caused by it."


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