Bandar Abbas (IP) - The commander of Iran Border Guard said that the Persian Gulf needs to be calm and the message of NAJA naval military exercise is protecting regional peace and security.

Iran Press/Iran news: On the sidelines of the NAJA naval military exercise held at the Persian Gulf on Wednesday, Brigadier General Ghasem Rezaei expressed that the relations with the  Persian Gulf states are friendly and historic, reiterating that Iranian border guards always keep efforts to keep the region calm and stable.

The Law Enforcement Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran abbreviated as NAJA in Persian is the uniformed police force in Iran.

"The consequence of the presence of foreign vessels in the Persian Gulf is insecurity," Brigadier General Ghasem Rezaei stressed according to Iran Press.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Hormozgan province Fereydoun Hemmati said, "In its peak of power and sovereignty, the Islamic Republic of Iran wants security and peace in the Persian Gulf for all neighbors and countries in the region." 

On the occasion of the Iranian Police Week, the naval military exercise of border guards was held in Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan Province, southern Iran on Wednesday. 101/216

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Photo: NAJA naval border guards military exercise in the Persian Gulf