IRGC Aerospace Force Commander said that the shooting down of the US spy drone by IRGC neutralized ‘the shadow of war’ propaganda plan.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking at the closing ceremony of Iran’s 33rd national Quran competitions on Thursday, The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Commander Brigadier  General  Amir Ali Hajizadeh said that the enemy has started huge and massive propaganda claiming that a war is going to be imposed against Iran, reported Iran press.

“Even the allied intelligence services told us that the enemy is going to attack, but we knew it isn’t going to happen,” added Hajizadeh.

“But this ‘shadow of war’ vanished when the US drone was shot down. This plan was a trick to force our return to the negotiating table,” IRGC top commander stressed. 

“We were sure that if the first American missile or bomb hits our land, we would hit their bases in Qatar and UAE and also their warship in the Sea of Oman, which we had already aimed,” he continued. 

The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps shot down a US spy drone, identified as RQ-4 Global Hawk on Thursday morning, June 20.

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Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh also had a backlash to the recent statements by the western countries that Iran should negotiate over its missiles, saying, “They can’t do a damn thing,” and added, “Missiles are part of the country’s defensive power, which is related to our honour and we will never ever negotiate over such a thing.”

Referring to the recent attacks on Iraq's Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU), the IRGC Aerospace Force Commander said: “We believe that PMU will not leave such actions unanswered,” adding, “Iran will stand beside the Iraqi nation like the times of fighting against Daesh terrorists.”

 On Sunday evening, an unidentified drone targeted two cars of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU) in al-Anbar province, west of the country.

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The military headquarters of PMU the of have been targeted four times during the recent month.


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