Amazon fires: Brazil rejects G7 $20 million aid package

Brazil has rejected a $ 20 million aid package from the Group of Seven countries to fight fires in the Amazon rainforest.

Iran PressAmerica:  Brazilian Environment Minister, Ricardo Salles had earlier welcomed the G7 funding to fight the fires that have swept across 2.3 million acres, but after a meeting between Bolsonaro and his ministers, the Brazilian government changed course.

He also has said that "Brazil is a democratic, free nation that never had colonialist and imperialist practices, as perhaps is the objective of the French President Emanuel Macron", AFP reported.

The aid proposal was announced at the G7 summit that is being hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron in France’s Biarritz.

Tension had been building between Macron and Bolsonaro over the Brazilian president's handling of the Amazon fires and his pursuit of economic growth at the expense of the forest. 


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