Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Sunday that that Iran has always supported solidarity, stability and sustainable security in Lebanon and in direction of maintaining and strengthening unity among political groups and tribes will spare no efforts.

Qasemi told Islamic Republic News Agency about a critical article published in a Lebanese newspaper concerning Iran's policies in Lebanon, and said that published issue in this article is on contrary to Iran's stances and has no relation with Iran's friendly approaches in Lebanon over the past four decades.

He stressed that Iran believes that Republic of Lebanon on in the shade of peaceful coexistence of religious followers and different tribes, either Muslim or Christian has turned to a model for other countries and strengthening this solidarity is a public duty and Iran is always taking steps in this direction.

Qasemi added that observing respect for national sovereignty of all countries; including brotherly and friendly country of Lebanon and honoring its political characters are among the most important pillars of Iran's foreign policy.