For the first time since 2003, coastguard officials from Iran and UAE held a joint meeting on maritime security cooperation in Tehran, amid heightened tensions in the Persian Gulf region.

Iran Press/ Middle East: In a meeting on Tuesday, Border Guards Commanders from Iran and UAE called for strengthening diplomatic relations and securing the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

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According to Iran Press, Brigadier General Qasem Rezaee, Border Guard Commander of Iranian Police met with Coast Guard Commander of the UAE Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Mesbah Al-Ahbabi on Tuesday aiming at developing diplomatic ties and consolidating border security.

The Iranian commander noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran has long-standing and historical relations with the UAE on various levels and subjects, and this relationship was still ongoing between investors, fishermen and traders.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry announced in a statement that the sixth joint coastguard meeting between Iran and a visiting seven-member delegation from the UAE would be focused on bilateral border cooperation in the area of maritime border security.

The meeting also included consultations on such issues as Emirati and Iranian nationals’ maritime travel between the two countries and trespassing or inadvertent border breaches, as well as facilitating and expediting information and intelligence exchange between Iranian and UAE maritime security authorities.

Brigadier General Mesbah Al-Ahbabi, commander of the UAE Coast Guard, also welcomed the expansion of border ties between the two countries, saying that Iran is at the forefront of the fight against drug trafficking and commended Iran’s efforts in this regard.

Emphasising on the promotion of border relations, the UAE Coast Guard Commander aid that joint actions and coordination should continue to maintain the safety of trade and shipping. 212/211 

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