Hormozgan (IP) - 'Haydar' patrol boat fleet has joined to Iran marine border police in the Persian Gulf.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian Defense Minister, General Hatami in Shahid Darvishi Marine Industry in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas in a ceremony delivered 'Haydar' patrol boats to Iranian marine border police.

Iran's marine border police will use 'Haydar' boats in every climate condition and in all operation of aid and rescue, patrolling, controlling and inspection.

'Haydar' boats after 2 years' tests, has produced for the severe condition of Persian Gulf for patrolling with high speed in the wavy sea and long period missions.

'Haydar' boats are equipped to the most up to date aerodynamic design and has been built with most sophisticated aluminum composition.


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Iran unveils Haydar patrol boats in Persian Gulf