Mass protests against the police killing of an unarmed African-American man have continued in the capital of California, with at least one protester being injured by police.

Nearly 200 people demonstrated in Sacramento on Saturday in the latest of nearly two weeks of mostly peaceful rallies since Stephon Clark was gunned down in his grandmother’s yard on March 18.

The demonstrators were holding signs such as “Stop Police Rage” and “Power to the People.”

The protests were led by retired National Basketball Association player Matt Barnes, who grew up in the area.

Barnes said:  “We’re here today to raise awareness, to come together peacefully and to have some accountability for the officers, not only in Sacramento but across the country, who have been doing this".

Another 150 people held a vigil Saturday night when a protester was apparently struck by a Sacramento Sheriff’s vehicle, according to a video posted on the Internet.

The video shows the protester falling to the ground after being hit.  Eye witnesses  said the sheriff’s vehicle then left the scene.

The protestor was then taken to a hospital by the fire department, but so far, no officials have commented on the incident.