EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell said the EU should take responsibility for its own security and build up its European military.

The European Union needs its own armed forces to ensure its security, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell wrote on his Sunday blog.

"The new security environment demonstrates that the EU needs to take on more responsibility for its own security. For this, we need modern and interoperable European armed forces, looking at the higher-end of the spectrum and also striving to scale up capabilities and forces," he wrote.

Iran PressEurope: According to Borrell, the European Union needs to work kin three basic directions. "Member states must: First, work on the combat readiness of forces, including on stockpile replenishment; Second, augment existing capabilities, quantitatively and qualitatively (mass and volume), within the next five years with a focus on gaps accumulated from the past, such as strategic enablers, modernisation of air defences, cyber and space-based capabilities, just to name a few," he wrote. "Third, in a longer period, develop jointly future key capabilities such as Main Battle Tanks, advanced anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) capabilities or Space Situational Awareness."

"The time to push forward European defence is now. EU needs to strengthen the European defence industrial base and to be operational with the needed military capacities. To be able to increase our military capacity to defend ourselves, to make the NATO stronger and to support better our partners whenever needed," he emphasized.

The EU foreign policy chief has previously said that the bloc is ready to defend Finland and Sweden in the event of a Russian attack, even as they wait to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The European Union has so far provided another 500 million euros in funding to the Ukrainian military. The union has provided a total of 2 billion euros in military aid to the country. The money comes from the European Peace Fund, which allows Ukraine to buy weapons and equipment to fight Russia. 219