Switzerland (IP) - The attendees of the World Meeting Emergency Committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Geneva left the session as the Israeli regime's representative began to present a speech.

Iran Press/Europe: The IPU world meeting emergency committee was held on Monday in Geneva including the competition of six issues and regional items to be put on the agenda as the world's emergent case.

The meeting turned into a scene of conflict between the supporters of the Palestinian people under the Israeli regime's war and the Zionist regime's backers.

South Africa, the Israel regime, Indonesia, Argentina, Congo, and Denmark each had three minutes to talk about the necessity of putting their request on the agenda of the emergency committee.

The summit proceeded with the speech of South Africa’s representative and it was followed by the audience's constant ovation as it began with referring to the catastrophic humanitarian conditions in Gaza that occurred as a result of the Israeli regime's war on Gaza.

The South African representative also recalled the temporary order of the International Court of Justice enforcing the regime to stop genocide in Gaza and the necessity to enforce the verdict.

Since its all-out war on Gaza on October 7, the Israeli regime has massacred 32,142 people and injured 74,412 others in the Gaza Strip.

Still, as the Israeli regime’s representative, the audience began protesting and representatives of many countries, including Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Jordan, and Algeria left the hall.

The Israeli regime was also forced to withdraw its request as a result of the anti-Zionist atmosphere of the summit.

Iran’s parliamentary delegation, headed by Mojtaba Rozakhah, gave its nineteen votes in favor of South Africa.

In the end, although the item South Africa announced won the most with 904 votes, none of the items succeeded in being qualified as the one put on the agenda of the committee due to failure in winning two-thirds of the votes.

The Spokesman of the Palestinian Ministry of Health said: "Thousands of the women martyred were mothers, pregnant women and even medical staff. Also, 60,000 pregnant women in the Gaza Strip are suffering from malnutrition, dehydration and lack of proper medical care."

Ashraf al-Qudra added that every month, about 5 thousand pregnant women give birth in very difficult and unsafe conditions in the Gaza Strip.

Nearly 8,000 people are still either missing or under the rubble. Also, 73% of the total victims of the war in Gaza are women and children.

Still, the Israeli regime's forces again attacked the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza early morning on Monday and surrounded the hospital as hundreds of displaced people, patients, journalists, and medical staff were inside it.


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