The Al-Nujaba movement announced that the Islamic Resistance of Iraq had targeted the US military base at Ain al-Asad in the west of the country on Tuesday evening.

Iran PressWest Asia: On Tuesday, the Islamic Resistance of Iraq announced an attack on the Ain al-Asad base hosting the US military in Anbar province.

The Islamic resistance of Iraq, on Tuesday evening, also targeted the base of US forces in al-Shadadi, south of the Syrian city of al-Hasakah.

In the past few days, US military bases in Iraq and Syria have been targeted by drone, rocket and missile attacks on several occasions.

Following the crimes and barbaric attacks of the Israeli regime against the oppressed people of Palestine, especially Gaza, and Washington's support for these attacks, the Islamic resistance of Iraq had warned the US that it would target American bases in the region.

In this regard, US military forces carried out new strikes against two sites in Iraq early on Wednesday in retaliation for attacks by Iraqi resistance," US Central Command said.


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