Media sources in Gaza reported on Friday morning that the number of martyrs of the Zionist attack on residential units in Gaza reached 40 and more than 100 others were injured.

Iran Press/ West Asia: According to Iran Press citing the Palestinian "Sama" news agency, the information office of the Palestinian Authority based in Gaza confirmed the martyrdom and injuries of these people and wrote:

"In addition to the Israeli Regime, we hold the American government and the international community responsible for the continuation of these crimes and the free world. We want an immediate end to this war that Israel has waged against civilians."

Earlier, the number of martyrs of this horrible attack was announced as 28 and 18 people.

In these attacks, four residential houses in "Deir al-Balah" in the center of the Gaza Strip were targeted by the Zionists, and this number of people were martyred and injured.

This crime occurred after the latest report of the Gaza Ministry of Health, which announced on Thursday night:

"In the last 24 hours, the occupation forces committed 9 massacres against the residents of Gaza, as a result of which 97 people were martyred and 132 others were injured."

Also, the Ministry of Health of Gaza announced that there are still many bodies under the rubble or left on the road and the occupiers are preventing the rescue teams from reaching them.

The Ministry of Health of Palestine announced in Gaza:" Including the new statistics, the number of martyrs reached 29,410 and the injured reached 69,465." 219

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