Islamabad (IP) - A "White Coat March" was organized by Imamia Students Organization Pakistan in Islamabad, in which doctors and medical university students from different parts of the country including Karachi, Lahore, and Multan participated in large numbers.

Iran PressAsia: Marchers held placards in support of Palestine and students. On this occasion, various student leaders addressed the protestors and said that by expelling the students who raised their voices against Israeli atrocities, the so-called countries of human rights have shown their true face to the world.

While talking to Iran Press, a student said, " The atrocities that Israel is inflicting on Palestine are in front of everyone, children are being killed and women are becoming widows, international organizations are failing to stop this cruelty.

But we will continue to raise our voices and boycott Israeli products. If American students can raise their voices against this cruelty, why can't we Muslims do the same?

Addressing the protestors, the students said that earlier in the world, only Muslim students were targeted for raising their voices against Israeli atrocities, but now people from all walks of life are being persecuted for being the voice of the oppressed.

A student of the medical college told Iran Press, " We doctors and medical students are recording our protest here today in favor of the Palestinian brothers. Today's rally is for the hundreds of doctors, nurses, and health workers who fell victim to Israeli brutality in Palestine. And no matter how much these atrocities are condemned, it is less.

But there is good news even now protests are going on in different universities in America, they have come to the field as humanity even though they are non-Muslims. Their action has given a new life to the movement of students around the world."

The Central General Secretary of ISO Pakistan, Muammar Naqvi, said while addressing the marchers that a large number of students in different universities in the United States have made history by raising their voices in favor of the oppressed Palestinians.

He said in Iran and Pakistan in every university, voices have been raised to show solidarity with helpless Palestinians.

While talking to Iran Press, Muammar Naqvi said, " Harassment of protesting students is a slap in the face of countries that call themselves democratic, how these countries talk about human rights and freedom of expression. As far as the protests are concerned, it is a kind of solidarity and awareness movement with the oppressed. Whether someone is a Muslim or a non-Muslim, their presence is telling that humanity has woken up.

In our opinion, the solution to the Palestine problem is that the citizens of Palestine, whether they are Jews, Muslims, or Christians, should be allowed to live in peace and Palestine should belong to Palestinians only."


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