Karachi (IP) - The Palestine Foundation Pakistan organized a conference titled "Month of Ramadan, Month of Palestine & Al Quds" at the Islamic Research Center. The event saw many leaders from political and religious parties in attendance.

Iran Press/Asia: During his address to the participants, Sabir Abu Maryam, head of the Palestine Foundation, highlighted the tragic reality that over 30,000 Palestinians, including children and women, have been martyred. He emphasized that the targeting of civilian populations, mosques, churches, schools, and hospitals is unprecedented in the history of warfare.

Allameh Baqir Zaidi spoke at the event and referenced Imam Khomeini's historic gesture of handing over the Israeli embassy in Tehran to Yasser Arafat. Imam Khomeini's message was clear - the liberation of Palestine must be pursued with unwavering determination rather than through negotiations.

Other speakers at the conference included Mehraj Ul Hudda, Allameh Ahmed Noorani, and Younas Baniri, who all vehemently condemned Israeli aggression. They highlighted the dire situation in Gaza where children are suffering from hunger and famine while Muslim countries continue to supply oil, gas, and food to Israel without interruption.

The speakers called on Muslim and Arab governments to immediately sever all ties with Israel in solidarity with the Palestinian cause.


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