The head of Al-Fateh Alliance in the Iraqi parliament, while severely criticizing the country's dependence on the United States, stated It is a shame that an employee in the American treasury is in control of Iraq.

Hadi Al-Amiri, the head of Fatah alliance in the Iraqi Parliament, on Thursday once again emphasized the need for economic independence of this country from the United States of America.

Al-Amiri said that US interventions regarding payment of Iraq's gas debt to the Islamic Republic of Iran are the main hindrance  in this issue. Americans have warned Iraq that they will be sanctioned if they pay their debt to Tehran in cash.

Meanwhile; Adnan Fihan, the head of the Al-Sadiqoun parliamentary faction, strongly criticized the American conspiracies against Iraq on Thursday and said: "The US is the main culprit behind Iraq's misery and problems."

While raising the question of what the Iraqi advisers have done for Iraq and what changes they have made, this Iraqi representative added: "The experience of the ISIS war is the best proof and evidence."

The issue of Iran's reduced gas exports to Iraq was at the top of the news media in the past few days. This issue has been due to the unpaid bills of exported gas blocked at the Iraqi Commercial Bank and ha led to reduction of electricity production in this country.

Iraqi Prime Minister mohammed shia al-Sudani announced on Tuesday evening that the country has reached an agreement framework to settle its debt to Iran.

The Iraqi Prime Minister's Office announced that Baghdad and Tehran signed an agreement under which Iran's gas exports to Iraq will resume in exchange for Iraqi crude oil.