Feb 24, 2019 07:38 Asia/Tehran
  • British forces killed in Saudi Arabia, near border with Yemen

According to reports, nine British military personnel were killed in a conflict with Yemeni army in the province of Najran in southwestern Saudi Arabia.

Iran Press/Iran news: According to Yemeni Ansarullah website, the British forces were leading Saudi aggressors' attacks on border areas with Yemen when they were killed in a conflict with Yemeni army and popular committees in Najran, southwestern Saudi Arabia.

Earlier last week, the British newspaper the 'Daily Express' reported that two forces from Special Air Service (SAS) who were deployed on a top-secret mission in Yemen were injured in a roadside bomb blast.

Saudi Arabia, with the support of the United States, Britain, the United Arab Emirates, and several other countries, has engaged in military aggression against Yemen and ground sieges, naval and air strikes since March 2015.

The war initiated by Saudi Arabia and its allies has killed more than 16,000 Yemeni people including thousands of women and children, injuring tens of thousands more, and displacing millions of Yemenis. 104/211


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