Jan 07, 2019 08:54 Asia/Tehran
  • Israel Strikes Hamas Targets in Gaza

Israeli attack helicopters have struck two posts belonging to the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement, Hamas, in southern parts of the besieged Gaza Strip, the regime’s military said.

Iran Press/ Middle East: Earlier today, an explosive device attached to a large cluster of balloons was launched on a model airplane from the Gaza Strip into the Israeli-held Palestinian territories, the military said in a statement.

No damage was inflicted by the cross-border “attack” purportedly from the Gaza Strip. The drone-shaped device landed unexploded in a carrot field, Press TV reported.

It added that in response to the “balloon-borne explosive device,” the military dispatched its “attack helicopters,” striking “two observation posts” run by Hamas, on Sunday evening.

According to a Hamas security source, one strike occurred east of Khan Younis and the other was carried out east of Gaza City. The source added that no injuries had been reported following the airstrikes.

Meanwhile, Palestinian media reported that in addition to the Hamas posts, the Israeli military attacked “targets” in the vicinity of Jabalia, in northern Gaza, and in the Zeitoun area of Gaza City. The Israeli military, however, refused to comment on those reports.

Tel Aviv bombards Gaza from time to time, claiming the assaults are in response to rocket attacks of the resistance groups. 

The Gaza Strip has been witnessing tensions since March 30, which marked the start of the "Great March of Return" protests demanding the right to return for the Palestinians driven out of their homeland.

Up until now, at least 240 unarmed Palestinian protesters have been shot and martyred by the Zionist military, with a further 24,500 being injured. Also two Israeli soldiers have been killed.

Israeli soldiers and snipers use 'live rounds' against unarmed peaceful protesters, something which has been widely condemned by the international community. 101/202


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