Oct 30, 2018 07:25 Asia/Tehran
  • Yemeni army destroys two Saudi spy drones

The Yemeni army shot down two Saudi spy drones on Monday, one over Yemen and the other over southern Saudi Arabia.

Iran Press / Middle East: One of the UAVs was shot down in Jizan, in Saudi Arabia. The other was brought down over western coast of Yemen's Al-Hudaydah, according to Almasirah news channel.

The Ansarullah movement and Yemen's Popular Committees have strengthened their missile capabilities over the past two years.

They have been able to halt the advance of Saudi coalition forces by using home-made weaponry.

According to Almasirah TV channel, Yemeni army also succeeded to target mercenaries gathering in Nihm District (40 km east of the capital Sana'a) on Sunday.

Despite three-and-a-half years of Saudi military aggression and invasion of Yemen, the Yemeni people have staunchly resisted Saudi aggression, defending their country.

The Saudi-led bombing of Yemen has killed at least 16,000 Yemeni people and displaced tens of thousands people in the country, reports said.

Saudi Arabia is also blocking the entrance of humanitarian aid and essential items into Yemen.

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UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Mark Lukok warned Yemen faces the worst famine in recent decades, which can affect millions of Yemenis.

The UN Security Council has asked Saudi Arabia-led Arab coalition in Yemen not to attack ports and airports in the country, so that humanitarian aid could be delivered to the Yemeni people.


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