May 13, 2019 17:50 Asia/Tehran

Mashhad (IP) - The head of the Cultural Institute of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) emphasized on the role of the Persian language and said that the other language of the Silk Road is Farsi.

Iran Press/Iran news: Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri made the remarks on Monday in an opening ceremony of the first international conference 'Shahnameh on the Silk Road' in Mashhad city, northeastern Iran.

He stated: "The Silk Road is a symbol of Inter-civilizational dialogue and is one of the cultural heritage of Iran and the countries of the region," Iran Press reported.

The head of the ECO Cultural Institute argued that the Silk Road is a road to peace, emphasizing that this historic symbol could be used to expand tourism, dialogue between civilizations and develop cultural cooperation.

Mazaheri said that the Silk Road is not a commercial route, but a path for cultural excellence in the countries of the region.

The first international conference 'Shahnameh on the Silk Road', with the aim of promoting the Shahnameh culture and introducing opportunities to use of the silk Road capacity in Toos's tourism development, is underway in Mashhad City Hall, with 200 participants from Russia, India, Georgia, Poland, Turkey, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.105/213


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