Mar 15, 2019 16:44 Asia/Tehran

Mashhad (IP) -The Managing director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways said that the first tourist train will inaugurate on March 20, heading for Lorestan Province.

Iran Press/Iran news: Saeed Rasuli added that the tourist train will be developed in the Iranian railway, all across the country as an effort to contribute to the permanent employment for the Iranians.

Speaking at the news conference held on Friday in Holy Mashhad located in the North East of Iran, Rasuli stressed that the Iranian and foreign tourists can use the tourist train to enjoy the beautiful intact nature of Lorestan in one day trip in the Western part of Iran, Iran Press reported.

Iran's top railway official explained further that the tourists can also get familiar with the different ethnic groups residing in Lorestan and experience the handicrafts, the local cuisine, and the historical places and monuments.

Lorestan first tourist train will launch on March 20, 2019, just before Nowruz. Lorestan province which is located in the western part of Iran is considered as one of the most significant tourist destinations of the world due to its intact nature.105/203



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