Feb 12, 2019 19:51 Asia/Tehran

Turkey's ambassador to Tehran said that his country is ready to expand its ties with Iran in every sector, including economic and cultural ties.

Iran Press/ Iran News: Turkish ambassador to Tehran, Derya Ors said in an exclusive interview with Iran Press news agency that his country is willing to expand its ties with Iran in different sectors.

On the sideline of 12th international tourism exhibition in Tehran, Turkish ambassador congratulated the "friendly people of Iran" on the 40th anniversary of Islamic Revolution's Victory.

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He said: "We enjoy a very good relation with Iran and we are expanding these ties; as you see, different traveling agencies from Turkey have come to Iran and took part in 12th international tourism exhibition and this shows that our friends, traders and people are interested in Iran."

"We are ready to expand and improve ties, including economic and cultural ties between Iran and Turkey," he stressed.   212/ 211/ 104

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