Oct 03, 2018 21:12 Asia/Tehran

The deputy head of the Iranian parliament's economic commission, Hassan Hosseini Shahroudi, has emphasized that the sweeping new powers given to the Central Bank of Iran, and the effective interventions by the central bank in recent days, means economic conditions are likely to improve in the weeks ahead.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Wednesday , the deputy head of the parliament's economic commission,  Hassan Hosseini Shahroudi, emphasized that economic conditions will improve in the days and weeks to come.

 Asked to comment on the currency market and the state of the Iranian economy, Hosseini Shahroudi said: "Today we had invited first vice president, Es'hagh Jahangiri, and we had many interesting and heated discussions about the state of the economy and currency exchange rates. Most MPs were encouraged by what they heard from first vice president Jahangiri."   i

The deputy head of the Majlis economic commission added: "The Americans are doing their best to entangle us in an economic war and cripple our economy and force us to give up our values and they want us to withdraw from the JCPOA , not to honour our commitments and obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action. However the economy is improving. The new powers granted to the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) , and its timely interventions mean calm will return to the currency markets soon." i