Aug 08, 2018 19:02 Asia/Tehran

Dr Rasul Khezri, a member of the Iranian Parliament ( known as Majlis ) said on Tuesday that President Rouhani's new financial package has been welcomed by Iranians generally, and also by the markets.

Iran press/Iran:Dr Rasul Khezri, a member   of  Majlis commission of   Hygiene and Health  in an exclusive interview  with Iran Press international news agency on Tuesday 8 Aug 2018  said: Iranian Market  has welcome  Iran's government 's new financial package. He went on to say that Majlis (Iranian Parlaiment )is backing the  package and it is  aimed at paving the ground using the legal tools such as  passing the bills including the two starred ones so that   the necessary  measures would  be taken  to solve  the   existing problems including  rising of the cost of livings which are  faced   by the  Iranian society .

On  Aug 4.2018 , the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination convened on Saturday with President Rouhani and heads of the other two branches taking part.

At the session which was chaired by President Hassan Rouhani, first the policies on foreign currency, which the Central Bank has predicted, were discussed.

Furthermore, based on recent fluctuations in the currency market, the members stressed that the economic conditions in the country require new decisions and amendments of previous policies.
Based on what was discussed, most of the new policies are based on the principle that basic goods must be provided based on the official exchange rate announced by the Central Bank.
It was also discussed and agreed that in the import and export sectors and those who need foreign currency for their essential activities, be provided with facilities.
Then The details of the policies made today was  discussed by the Cabinet in their Sunday  meeting and the Central Bank Governor  informed the general public in an announcement on Monday.
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