Aug 08, 2018 19:00 Asia/Tehran

Iranian MP expressed hope that the new financial package can improve the economic situation of the country.

Iran press/ Iran:  Masoumeh Aghapour Alishahi, who represents Shabestar in the Islamic Consultative Assembly and is a member of Iranian Parliament’s economical commission told Iran press correspondent,We should not expect miracles from the financial package because the country's economic infrastructures have big problems.

She added, the financial package has the Strengths and weaknesses and  we can rely on strengths.

Alishahi also said, by relying on strengths ,the parliament can work with the government to improve the country's economic situation.

She added, the financial package may work well in the first days and improve the economic situation, but will gradually become troublesome due to the uncontrollable factors,while the parliament has taken measures to resolve this dilemma.

Masoumeh Aghapour Alishahi also said, in this situation , we should put aside unilateralism and work together.

 At the end, Iranian MP expressed hope that in the next parliament, the deputies would be able to get a good score from the Iranian people

On  Aug 4.2018 , the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination convened on Saturday with President Rouhani and heads of the other two branches taking part.

At the session which was chaired by President Hassan Rouhani, first the policies on foreign currency, which the Central Bank has predicted, were discussed.

Furthermore, based on recent fluctuations in the currency market, the members stressed that the economic conditions in the country require new decisions and amendments of previous policies.

Based on what was discussed, most of the new policies are based on the principle that basic goods must be provided based on the official exchange rate announced by the Central Bank.

It was also discussed and agreed that in the import and export sectors and those who need foreign currency for their essential activities, be provided with facilities.

Then The details of the policies made was  discussed by the Cabinet in their Sunday  meeting and the Central Bank Governor  informed the general public in an announcement on Monday.


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