Jul 04, 2018 09:04 Asia/Tehran

The former chairman of Tehran city council, Mahdi Chamran, says the US is looking for a cash cow in Iran to loot all the wealth and resources of the country.

In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Tuesday, Mahdi Chamran, the former chairman of Tehran city council said:  "US politicians tend to suffer from megalomania ,vanity, arrogance,  which is like a disease.  You see how they treat others, and what really matters to them most, is wealth ,money and power, which they like to collect as much as they can in the United States of America."

Chamran added:  "They really do not care about the interests of ordinary Americans.  Instead they care deeply about the interests of the elite, those who are rich and powerful.  In fact what they do is to attract voters, they want to win more votes for themselves,  so that they can stay in office, and become wealthy."

Elsewhere in his remarks, Chamran said:  "There is another problem meaning that some of the people  and even there are men of idea  who are scared facing them believe that it is better to compromise with the US .But we should remember that if we do so, it will finally come and jump down our throat.  Because the Americans are after  a  cash cow, so that they  can sap  and loot  the resources and wealth of this country, like they did in the past, during the era of the  Shah.

Chamran's words came on the sideline of the third  international American human rights  festival which was held on Tuesday July 3,  2018 in Hozeh Honari Andisheh Hall , in the Iranian  capital, Tehran.