May 15, 2019 17:55 Asia/Tehran
  • Germany and Netherland to suspend mission in Iraq

The German and Dutch governments has suspended their mission in Iraq due to the 'security threats'.

Iran Press/Europe: The Dutch government has suspended a mission in Iraq that provides assistance to local authorities due to a 'security threat', Dutch news agency ANP reported on Wednesday.

Dutch military personnel help train Iraqi forces in Erbil the center of northern Iraqi Kurdistan, along with other foreign troops. The report gave no details about the nature of the threat.

Also German armed forces on Wednesday suspended its involvement in the Iraqi military training program due to mounting tensions in the Persian Gulf, multiple media reported.

Reportedly, a spokesman for the German Defense Ministry stated that the army has "indications" of potential attacks in the coming days, but the training operations could also be resumed shortly.

The US State Department has ordered on Wednesday the withdrawal of most of its employees from its embassy in Baghdad and consulate in Erbil.

German Ministry spokesman added that Germany doesn't possess evidence of Iran's involvement in recent attacks on oil tankers in the region.

While Iran called "US militarization of the Persian Gulf region" as a form of psychological warfare, Washington repeatedly reaffirms its alleged 'concerns' about possible imminent threats from Iran to its troops in Iraq, although many officials around the world cast doubt on the nature of US repeated claims of concern.

German troops started directly training Iraq’s military in 2018 and previously indicated that it wants to extend its mission in Iraq at least until the end of October 2019.

Earlier today, the United States Department of State ordered the departure of all non-emergency US government employees from Iraq. Previously, deputy commander of the so-called US-led coalition against ISIS said there was no increased threat from Iran-backed forces in Syria or Iraq.

According to media report Germany decision had been taken in coordination with partner countries fighting ISIS in the region.

A spokesman for the German Defence Ministry said the German armed forces had 160 soldiers involved in the training deployment in Iraq.101/205

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