Jul 06, 2018 13:58 Asia/Tehran

we expect remaining countries in P5+1, china, Russia and 3 Europeans respect Iranian people rights

Upon his arrival in Vienna, foreign minister Javad Zarif said in an interview with IRIB: "What we expect from the package is the commitments of remaining countries in P5+1, china, Russia and 3 Europeans to respect Iranian people rights enshrined on JCPOA including economical and other rights.

He added: "Many of the actions admitted in JCPOA especially economical one are actions that were dependent on US sanctions relief. Now that these sanctions have been reimposed by United states illegal action, it is necessary other JCPOA partners for having joint responsibility to offset this US action. We expecting other side see the rights of Iranian people. EU and other parties to JCPOA are aware of details of our demands. We should see how much of these rightful demands of Islamic republic of Iran will be met.

Asked about EU demands from Iran for the package, Zarif said:" they have no demand. Demand from Iran is that Iran should abide by its commitments in JCPOA. IAEA has the responsibility to verify this demand and has confirmed Iran's compliance repeatedly. We will fulfil our commitments in JCPOA as long as our people rights preserved.