Nov 04, 2018 21:11 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Apr 15, 2019 09:10 Asia/Tehran]

An Iranian MP representing Sar-e-pol-e-Zahab has emphasised that because Iran always relies on its own resources, talents and abilities, it has managed to triumph over the Unites States.

Iran Press/Iran: Senior Iranian MP, Farhad Tajjari, representing the northwestern town of Sar-e-pol-e-Zahab, in an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Sunday, on the sidelines of 4 November rallies and demonstrations in Tehran, emphasised that Iran should use active diplomacy on the international stage, use of local currencies and national currencies in trade between Iran and other countries, to counter US economic war against Iran.

Tajjari added: "WE should not be dependent on other countries and as much as possible, we should rely on our own talents and resources."

In further remarks the senior MP and deputy head of a Majlis commission said: "The American deliberately use a false term for the Persian Gulf, and all Iranians object to the US government's disrespectful attitude to the Iranian nation. We are here today to show our detestation of the US government. America has shown its real colours to the world, the Iranian people are well aware of the hostile policies of the US government".


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