Oct 24, 2018 15:02 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 31, 2019 10:59 Asia/Tehran]

The head of the Iranian parliamentary delegation to Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) meeting, Fatemeh Hosseini said that the Iranian delegation gave a decisive response to the UAE representatives over Abu Dhabi's claims on the three Iranian Islands.

Iran Press/Iran News: Member of Parliament (MP) Fatemeh Hosseini, who headed the Iranian delegation briefed lawmakers about the issues discussed at the summit in Geneva, noting that the Iranian delegation decisively responded to the UAE's claims over the three islands of Lesser and Greater Tunbs and Abu Mussa at the Persian Gulf.

According to Iran Press, Fatemeh Hosseini said, IPU members stressed the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear activities.

Tehran has frequently stressed the fact that these islands are an inseparable part of Iranian territory and repetition of unfounded allegations will not change historical facts about the islands.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been reiterating that Arab officials cannot change history by their meddlesome remarks and media campaigns.

The head of the Iranian parliamentary delegation to Inter-Parliamentary Union said the general assembly of the summit always discusses urgent articles that should be included at the final resolution, adding that the subject of this year's summit was voted to be climate change and its huge impact on the life of the planet Earth.

According to Hosseini, thanks to efforts made by the Iranian delegation the issue of homosexuals' human rights has been put off the agenda of the summit and it will never be discussed again.

"The summit stressed that donations should not be tied to the political agenda of the participants in the summit, meaning that member states should not be allowed to impose their political orientation because of their financial help," Hosseini said.  

She said certain committees were created at the summit to discuss terrorism-related issues, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran stressed the need for regional countries to be present in these committees.

Hosseini said her delegation held bilateral meetings with the Lebanese and Omani parliament speakers, the Iraqi deputy speaker, parliamentary delegations of Turkey, Italy, Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as the IPU chief and its secretary general.

The 139th meeting of IPU general summit was held last week in Geneva, Switzerland with the promotion of peace and development at the age of innovation and technical changes as its slogan. More than 42 parliament speakers and delegations from 148 countries attended the summit.

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