Jul 17, 2018 18:59 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 14, 2019 21:40 Asia/Tehran]

First vice president, Eshagh Jahangiri, has stressed that all countries need Iran's crude oil, arguing that stopping Iran's oil exports altogether is impossible , and that Tehran can always find new ways of selling crude.

According to an Iran Press report, speaking at a gathering of foreign businessmen, industrialists and managers who live in Iran, first vice president, Eshagh Jahangiri  said:  "Iran's foreign policy is based on constructive interaction and trade with the rest of the world, solving disputes and crises in the Middle East, and elsewhere in the world through dialogue and political talks.

Turning to the multilateral nuclear deal, JCPOA, the first vice president said:  "Iran has proven, both during the negotiations leading up to JCPOA, and during the implementation of the agreement, that we have honoured all of our commitments and obligations under the deal, this has been repeatedly verified by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA ), and in addition, according to Islamic teachings, when we enter into  a multilateral agreement, so long as other party or parties to the agreement honour it, we honour the agreement".

Turning to US president , Donald Trump, Jahangiri said:  "Trump should be a clarion call for the international community, he is a danger to the world. America has chosen the path of economic war against other nations, including the Islamic republic of Iran, with the potential to destabilize the world's economy".

In further comments, Eshagh Jahangiri  referred to America's long-standing hostility towards Iran and the Iranian nation, even before the Islamic revolution, for example the coup to overthrow the popular government of prime minister, Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953 . He , added:  "To overcome this American-made dangerous situation, we need a new approach, a new way".